Diamond PONO 20 is an electronic controller for efficient burning of biomass.  It can be used for the management of any biomass equipment, such as pellet stoves, boilers and burners. Modern Diamond PONO controllers maintain stable and reliable operations for efficient burning of biomass. It is characterized by simplicity of use. PONO 20 controller uses advanced state-of the-art technologies that provides automatic and reliable operation of the burner. PONO 20 is characterized by simple and intuitive control on the graphical LCD screen with unique design. There is an application for smartphone, tablet and PC remote access to the operation of the boiler and heating system. Internet module with connection to local WiFi is used for remote control of the boiler and the heating system. In internet browser simply login to the controller and user can change all the boiler’s parameters or just monitor the current status of the boiler via mobile phone, tablet or computer. Remote control for manufacturing and servicing companies gives easier and cheaper eventual service interventions.

PONO 20 controller operates fully automatically pellets boilers. The burning process and boiler temperature are controlled via flue gas temperature and lambda probes. It also controls the pellet feed and the boiler pump. In addition, cleaning and boiler protection functions are already integrated.

  • PONO 20 is highly flexible controller and can be used in wide variety of application
  • State-of-the-art control of biomass combustion process in heating systems
  • Intended for stoves, burners and boilers
  • Optimum burning efficiency regardless of fuel quality or boiler conditions
  • Maximum user comfort
  • Eco friendly
  • Cost efficient
  • Remote control

Air flow regulation superior solutions:

constant air flow regardless of

  • chimney quality
  • congestion of burning grills
  • voltage fluctuations

Diamond  PONO 20 controller features the following functions:

  • Constant under pressure regulation in the burning chamber when two fans are use
  • Fully configurable parameters
  • Fun speed sensors for regulating two fun motor speed
  • Airflow regulation with the closed pressure loop when one fan is used (chimney fans)
  • Burning power regulation using the external thermostat or external temperature probe
  • Error logging with capacity of 20 alarms

Inputs and outputs:

Diamond PONO 20 offers the following input connections:

  • 4 NTC temperature inputs up to 150°C
  • 2 thermocouple temperature inputs up to 400-800 °C
  • Analog input 0-5V
  • 2 high speed digital inputs (for motor speed sensors)
  • 3 common digital inputs

Diamond PONO offers the following output connections:

  • 1 relay output (16A 220V – for igniter)
  • 2 relay output (8A 220V)
  • 5 triac outputs